The profession

Entry into the profession

Initial registration

The registration application should be sent by Registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to the President of the Bar enclosing the relevant documents.

Swearing the oath takes place during a ceremonial sitting of the Court of Appeals where all lawyers will be called to declare:

I swear, as a lawyer, to perform my duties with dignity, conscience, independence, integrity and humanity.

Registration at Lille, when coming from another Bar

Lawyerss submit their requests by letter with acknowledgement of receipt to the President of the Bar. At the same time, the Council of the original Bar Association sends the lawyer's entire file to the Council of the new Bar Association, enclosing an extract of the Bar Council's decisions on the lawyer's request to leave the bar and an appraisal of the interested party's commitment to continued legal education.

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Lawyers from abroad

Lawyers who are citizens of a European Union Member State, a country that is party to the European Economic Area Agreement or the Swiss Confederation and who have acquired their title in one of these Countries may apply for registration at a French bar to exercise their profession with their original degree.

Lawyers should then apply for registration in France on the special list of the bar roll. With their application, they should enclose a registration certificate less than three months old, issued by the appropriate authority in the country where they acquired the title with which they intend to exercise their profession.

Lawyers who are registered under their home country professional title and decide to practice in or on behalf of a practice group governed by the law of the country in which their title was acquired, shall notify the Bar Council that processed their registration of the articles of this group, as well as the documents relating to its organisation and operation.