The Lille Bar

The International Bar

A Bar open to the world

The Lille Bar is located at the heart of the European region, a meeting place of cross-cultural dialogue. It is thus in its nature to be at the service of businesses, institutions and individuals to advise, help and represent them either in their opportunities for international relationships or within the territory of the European Union.

Lawyers of the Lille Bar are therefore at your disposal for any legal matter relating to:

  • the conclusion or breach of an international commercial agreement (sales, transport, distribution, subcontracting, insurance, financing, etc.)
  • unfair competition within the territory of the European Union
  • incorporation of a European public limited company
  • setting up a subsidiary in France
  • choosing a court or arbitrator in an international dispute
  • secondment or recruitment of international employees
  • residency permits for foreigners in France
  • protection of European consumers
  • international divorces
  • overseas adoptions
  • obtaining maintenance payments when children live in France
  • claims against international legacies
  • negotiating any European or international friendly agreement
  • arbitration or international mediation of the CAREN
  • execution of a foreign ruling (exequatur).

The Lille Bar is indeedfamiliar with the specific details of international and European businesses. That is why it encourages its members to be outward looking. Its work is organised around four areas: development of twinning relationships with foreign bars; conferences and debates on matters of European and international law; international exchanges of experience between colleagues; and finally, membership of organisations that defend Human Rights throughout the world.

The Lille Bar has set up twinning and partnership agreements with the Bars of: 

A relationship is also maintained with Vietnam. The list of twinnings and partnerships is not meant to be exhaustive, since the intention is to extend it to other overseas bars.

These links create an international network which allows Lille Bar members to make contact, for example, with counterpart lawyers in complex cases which need joint action across several countries.

Several times a year, the Lille Bar organises events related to globalisation:

  • debates on international current affairs
  • open meetings for the general public (international child abductions, international trade, and so on)
  • inter-bar conferences on subjects of shared interest (comparative ethics, international mediation, etc.)
  • courses on international law, European Union law and comparative law.

Thanks to these twinnings, the Lille Bar also enables student lawyers to do a placement in a foreign law firm for the purpose of gaining their professional qualification.

In order to facilitate exchanges between colleagues, the Lille Bar encourages and coordinates its members' participation during international events and trips abroad. It encourages foreign languages learning.

Because Justice has no borders, the Lille Bar is a member of the International Criminal Bar. This non-governmental organisation protects the independence of lawyers and promotes basic principles of Justice in the International Criminal Court.

The Lille Bar is a member of the International Conference of Bar Associations. This institution supports cooperation between French-speaking Bars in order to develop Human Rights and especially the right to an appropriate defence.

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